We are all aware that television technology has evolved dramatically over the years. Previously, televisions were housed in bulky boxes, but Waterproof Televisions are now the more popular option. AERO Waterproof TV, also known as Bathroom TV, is designed to be used in close proximity to water.

We are the sole manufacturer of Waterproof Mirror TVs in India. Our Waterproof TV or Bathroom TV range is also used in a variety of settings. The one-of-a-kind and futuristic design, combined with cutting-edge technology, is ready to give your bathroom ceilings a one-of-a-kind and stunning appearance. Whether you want to use your Waterproof TV in the bathroom to entertain your kids during bath time or you need a large-screen Waterproof Mirror TV for your Kitchen the Advanced technology, sound quality, and image resolution will allow you to watch your favorite sitcom in your comfort zone.

There is a wide variety of Waterproof televisions available in the market & change video each designed to meet the needs of any user. Aero waterproof television, It’s a mash-up of technology and luxury, a blend of creativity and life. From the combination of Waterproof technology blending with display technology to the development of broad temperature range technology and high brightness, bringing life to a mirror panel.

Aero provides Waterproof TV, Mirror TV, Smart Mirror, and other high-end luxury technologies, as well as customized design and development. AERO State-of-the-art technology delivers the highest standard of picture quality possible when turned on, while, when turned off, the TV picture completely disappears behind the MAGIC MIRROR, leaving back nothing but the vanity mirror. This high-class product is not just an attention-getter, but also very easy to install and therefore the perfect complement for your interior design solution.